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Ocean Water

Jenny Greene

Jenny Greene

Jenny Greene grew up as an only child in rural Iowa, married her high school sweetheart, started her first business at age 22, and had three children by 28.

As she struggled with religious and cultural beliefs and increasingly debilitating negative self-talk, she discovered yoga and meditation as the key to her well-being and liberation. Jenny has been a certified yoga teacher since 2016, sharing the transformative power of these practices and guiding others towards inner peace and freedom.

Jenny channels her creativity into words, crafting narratives that inspire and empower. Alongside her culinary enthusiast husband, Jenny enjoys exploring the local restaurants and beaches in and around Bradenton, Florida, where they reside.

Jenny’s life is a testament to the strength that lies in quiet introspection and the joy of pursuing one’s passions. Her story is an invitation to all who seek to overcome inner turmoil and step into the light of self-love and acceptance.

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