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What's a Brain Bitch?

Updated: Mar 22

Everyone has a Brain Bitch or Brain Bastard. It's a title I gave to the part of my brain that would berate me day in and day out with thoughts that would tell me I was fat, ugly, unintelligent, boring, incapable, unworthy of love, too young, too old, too much. I believed since these thoughts were in my head they must be true, I was often depressed and plagued with anxiety. This part of my brain would also make up elaborate thought stories in my head like a soap opera playing out in between my ears, dramas that would suck me in, resulting in me acting out the roles of victim or villain in my real life.

For most of my life, I was unaware there was something within myself more powerful and everlasting than my thoughts. Through the practice of yoga and meditation, I began to see my thoughts as separate from who I am, and I began to think of this inner critic as my ego roommate, someone I live with daily, but who doesn't have authority over me. I began to get glimpses of a life where my Brain Bitch didn't control me, and for the first time, I had hope of being free from her tyranny and finding peace.

I've spent years studying my mind, my thought patterns, and my habits. I am not an expert in brain science, nor am I a spiritual guru with all the answers, I'm just a girl trying to do and be my best every day. I'm committed to the process of becoming happier, freer, and my favorite version of myself daily. Some days I succeed, other days I cry myself to sleep and vow to try again tomorrow. I've come so far though, and my transformation has been truly life-changing (more accurately life-saving). And so, the Brain Bitch book is my story of how my Brain Bitch almost ruined my life, how I wrestled with her over the years, and the tools I used to gain control of my thoughts and finally quiet her down.

Woman meditating to quiet her Brain Bitch
Manage your Brain Bitch Daily

Managing your Brain Bitch is a daily exercise. In my experience, lessening the Brain Bitch's control requires the right tools and regular practice. Sprinkled throughout the Brain Bitch book I've included journaling prompts, meditations, and mantras to help you get started on your own journey to quieting the constant mind chatter and learning how to take back control of your thoughts. Every day offers a new way to find freedom from your Brain Bitch and while the book had to come to a close, keeping our Brain Bitch in check is the work of a lifetime. I hope that this blog will become a companion to the Brain Bitch book and a resource for your continued freedom.


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